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Many tourists not only from Japan and Asian countries but from around the world visit Okinawa. As a tourist island attracting about 10 million visitors a year, what are the main highlights of a trip to Okinawa? The blue ocean, the traditional Okinawan folk dance "Eisa", and attractive Okinawan foods are attractions that cannot be missed. There are also foods that are rooted in local ingredients and culture, such as "SPAM MUSUBI", "SOKI SOBA", and "SATA ANTAGI".

To further understand Okinawan food culture, it is a must to learn about awamori, a type of distilled liquor that has always been deeply associated with the local lifestyle. Awamori is Japan's oldest distilled spirit, with a history stretching over six centuries. It is said that awamori has roots in southeast Asia's warm and humid Thailand and in southern China. As an alcoholic drink consumed during meals and brings out the best in cooking, awamori is usually enjoyed together with local dishes in Okinawa. Aside from drinking it straight, awamori also plays a role as a seasoning."KOREGUSU", a sauce that is essential to Okinawan cooking, is made by soaking chili peppers in awamori.

In this way, awamori is deeply integrated in Okinawan culture. From playing a role as a seasoning to being used in cocktails to enjoy a meal, it can be said that awamori is the spirit of Okinawa. Through sightseeing and dining, learn more about how the people of Okinawa are enjoying this mass of rice spirit in their daily life.

When in Okinawa,discover AWAMORI

When traveling in Okinawa, awamori is something that must be understood to further understand Okinawan culture. Let's look at awamori that plays a role in various scenes of local life.