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The ways to drink AWAMORI


Being a distilled spirit, awamori can be enjoyed in various ways. The common way to drink awamori is straight to enjoy its abundant flavor and sharp taste. However, one of the characteristics of awamori is that it can be drunk in various ways. Besides straight, on the rocks, and with water as introduced in the video, here are other recommended ways of enjoying awamori such as with soda or hot water.

  • Straight

    Pour a small amount of awamori into a glass, and take your time drinking it by sipping it a little at a time. The robust taste increases in deepness, sweetness, and flavor with time. Let your tongue rest occasionally by drinking water and savor the changing flavor and aroma slowly.

  • On the rocks

    Pour awamori in a glass filled with ice. Enjoy the robust aroma and flavor unique to awamori. A chilled, sharp aroma and flavor will fill your mouth.

  • With water

    Pour in awamori and water in a glass filled with ice. This is the standard way of drinking awamori by the locals. Awamori's mild taste can be enjoyed this way. Enjoy awamori as the perfect partner not only with Okinawan dishes but with any meal.

  • With soda

    Pour awamori and carbonated water into a glass filled with ice. Inside an luxurious flavor, you can enjoy the original taste and body of awamori. This method is recommended on a hot day.

  • With hot water

    Simply pouring hot water to awamori, this is a popular way to drink awamori on cold days. The aroma of awamori amplifies together with steam, and warms up your body.

Another great charm of awamori is that it becomes sweeter and milder on the tongue the longer it is aged. Awamori that is aged over many years is called ""KUSU"." Try different ways of drinking awamori to find your favorite.

Source: Excerpts from Ryukyu Awamori published by the Okinawa Awamori Distillers Association

The ways to drink AWAMORI

Awamori is an alcoholic drink that can be enjoyed in various ways. Here, we will introduce the recommended ways to drink awamori, from the standard way of drinking in Okinawa to the casual ways of enjoying awamori. *In the main section, "KUSU" is used to drink awamori straight. Unaged awamori is used for drinking on the rocks and with water.
*"KUSU" (aged 3 to 10 years), unaged (stored for less than 3 years)